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Technical Rehearsal

The students are not required to wear costumes for the parking lot technical rehearsal on Wednesday, June 16 (rain date, Thursday, June 17), however they must wear gym shoes, not sandals. Your dancer will be asked to stay approximately 45 minutes after your student’s last “call time” to block & practice the dance. The schedule for this rehearsal is listed below. Please note this is not the order of the show.

Wednesday, June 16 (Rain Date, Thursday, June 17) DANCE IMAGES Parking Lot 12:00p

Deep in the Forest 12:00p

Babbling Brook 12:15p

Maple Trees 12:30p

Buzzing Bees 12:45p

Spiders 1:00p

Here Comes the Rain! 1:15p

Picnic Games 1:30p

Let’s Dive in the Pool 1:45p

Stargazers 2:00p

Night at the Campsite 2:15p

Champs Elysses 2:30p

Rodeo Drive 2:45p

Block Party 3:00p

Penny Lane 3:15p

Waltz of the Deer 3:30p

Splashing in the Puddles 3:45p

Picnic Baskets 4:00p

Picnic Pests 4:15p

Playing on the Swingset 4:30p

Ice Cream Truck 4:45p

Bird Watching 5:00p

Hiking Up the Mountain 5:15p

Road Trip 5:30p

It’s Getting Windy 5:45p

Let’s Make a Bonfire! 6:00p

Buckingham Parkway 6:15p

Let’s Go Fly a Kite! 6:30p

Lightning Bugs 6:45p

The following routines will not have a technical rehearse: Forest Fairies, Hot Air Balloon, Garden Flowers,Wall Street. Opening Number and Fire Up the Grill will rehearse in the parking lot during the final class rehearsal.

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