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Our Intensive Ballet Program

The Intensive Ballet program is designed to help every dancer reach their potential and goals.  The program includes continuing ballet classes during the summer, including one intensive week.  During the school year the student must take their level of Ballet, a Technique class, and a Modern class.  Pointe, Jazz, Contemporary & Musical Theatre are also offered according to the appropriate level. REGISTER NOW

Any student enrolled in the Intensive Dance Program at DANCE IMAGES is required to attend his or her level technique class on Saturdays.  If necessary, because of schedule conflicts, this class may be replaced by attending a lower level session.  As before, Saturday students will be invited to participate in the Opening Number of our annual concert, as there will be no choreographed dance from these classes.  

During the week, all levels of study will have two choices for the additionally requested ballet performing class.  The dancer can select one, or attend both, through December.  In January, if the student is not participating in both weekday classes, he or she must decide the class in which to continue exclusively for the school year, and thus perform with for our concert.  

The Pointe Program is optional for our Intensive students, however, those wishing to participate, are offered the pointe class in the discounted, monthly tuition package.   When a student’s training has progressed to the appropriate level, Ms. King will invite her to join the Pointe Program and then, accompanies each ballerina as she is fitted for her first pair of pointe shoes.

The monthly fee for the Intensive Dance Program is $ 180 with Pointe, and $140 without a Pointe Class.  There are no additional discounts.  

Jazz and Contemporary Classes ($60 each), as well as Tap, Lyrical, and Musical Theater ($55 each), may be added to the student’s monthly tuition, also without additional discounts. 

However, students who wish to study unlimited classes may do so for a monthly tuition fee of  $240.


Intensive students are required to attend at least one technique class during our Summer Sessions, and are highly encouraged to participate in any weeklong “Dance Intensive Sessions”.

*Special Note:  Recital costumes are in addition to the dance fees.

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