Brandi P.


"Dance images is by far the best dance studio in the area. They have love for all students. I am happy to say I have been with them for 22 years ."

Jennifer R.


"We love Dance images it has given our daughter Peyton such amazing confidence!!"

Maddie K.


"I am convinced, Ms. King remembers everyone person she ever taught!"

Kelly P.


"Dance Images is a second home to my daughter and I for the last 10 years and I could not asked for a better place."

Primary Dance


Lynn F.


"I have 4 Dance Images granddaughters each with their own unique talent that has been taught to them by the brilliant staff at this fantastic dance studio."

A message from Ms. King,


I started Dance Images over 20 years ago after my professional dance career in order to benefit every life I touched in some way.  Some of my dancers may pursue a dance career themselves, but at the very least they develop pride and self confidence based on what they have experienced here.  It is hard when a child is young to know what they will be interested in. Dancing is a personal sport as well as a team building skill. So no matter how long they pursue it, they will learn valuable skills which will last a life time. Here, at Dance Images I promise to value you, as a customer, as well as to treat your child as the gift they are.  Don't just believe me.  Read some of the comments from my Dance Images families.

Class Information for 18 Months
through 5th Grade


We have special Mommy and Me classes for students 18 mo's to 3 years of age.  Afterwards, they continue on course from 3 to 10 in our Primary Programs.  These programs are designed to grow with each student as their abilities do but still allow them the comfort to be in a similiar age group. To get a better idea of which group your youngter would fit into, click on the button below for more details.

Neal W.


"My daughter is a new dancer at Dance Images. She enjoys her classes and has wonderful teachers. We are glad to have joined a wonderful studio!"

Gerry S.


"My daughter has been dancing with Dance Images and will be participating in (if memory serves...) her 11th show this spring! We love Dance Images and she so enjoys her time with all you wonderful teachers! Her dad and I also love her so much and are so proud of the young woman she's becoming."

Jill M.


"My daughter joined dance images this past year. She has met a lot of new friends and loves her teachers. We are so glad we moved to this dance studio."

Miesha L.


"We absolutely  Dance Images!!! My daughter is on her 2nd year there and we love all the staff and dancers! We love it so much we brought friends and family there to share in the wonderful experience."


Once the dancer is in middle school, classes change up a bit. Because of the difference in ability, it is safest for the child to be categorized based on skill, not age.  This designates the need for an evaluation in order to be properly placed.  At this point, they will also decide whether they are interested in joining our Intensive Group or Recreational Group.


Don't worry - our evaluation process is meant to encourage the dancer, not to make them anxious.  We do it in such a way, that again eases them in to becoming a more confident, strong, independent thinker as well as a dancer.

6th - 12th Grade