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Primary Ballet

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Once your child is 3, he/she may begin Primary Ballet.  Our program is designed to maintain their interest while teaching them age appropriate skills.  The studio is designed with clear class, ensuring student visibility at all times.  We have bathrooms directly available and each class 6 years and younger are staffed with an additional teacher assistant to ensure the safety of every child during class.   We have several "Viewing" Days during the school year which are meant for any loved one to feel free to sit in on the childs class so that they can monitor their progress. To conclude the year we have our spectacular annual recital, held at Governors State University.  Our annual recital is a theme based recital with a theatrical consistant story line.  Professional pictures, extra practices and costume fee's can be expected towards the end of the school year.


Age 6+:

Dancers at this age can now be enrolled in ballet/tap/jazz combination classes.  Before this point their bodies do not have the ability to properly learn the techniques introduced in class.  There is a huge difference between expecting children to mimic the techniques versus instructing them and correcting the form early on in developement before bad habits can be established.  Class time is also appropriately extended slightly to accomodate the additional instruction.


Age 8+:

In addition to refining their ballet, tap and jazz skills, the student can choose to join our competition team.  Try-outs are required for placement.


If you have any questions about which class/classes your child should take, please feel free to contact us. 

Our Continuing Programs
Differences Between Programs

Can participate in any level of dance that they qualify for
Can take as many or as few as 1 class per week
Attendance in non-performance class is not mandatory
May participate in annual recital

Recreational Program

Required classes include:  ballet performance class, ballet tech class, modern class.
Optional classes such as Jazz, Pointe, Contemporary. Musical Theatre,and Tap can be added
Optional Competition team
Attendance is mandatory
Performance in annual recital
Extra curricular community performances

Intensive Program

At DANCE IMAGES, we have a dance program to fit the needs and interests of all students, regardless of age or experience.  We design our program allowing flexibility while meeting the needs of the majority in our dance community.  

Recreational Dance Program:
For the dancer who appreciates the discipline of dance and enjoys being with his or her peers, but may have other extracurricular activities or constraints that prevent them from devoting a large amount of time or commitment to their skill, we have our Recreational Program. We understand the youth of today are interested in many activities, and may have different obligations.  This program offers an opportunity to train and progress with peers utilizing a relaxed schedule with a low level of commitment.  However, it is important to realize that dancers who train more often have a tendency to progress quicker than the recreational dancer and therefore if the individual goals are not being met they may want to consider a more intense program.


Intensive Dance Program:
Our Intensive Dance Program is structured to help students achieve their goals to their highest potential.  These students agree and are committed to a minimum of 4 hours of dance instruction per week.  Practices and make up classes are mandatory and in return the students expect to be pushed to a higher level of dance through their effort and determination.  This program is not recommended for students who participate in several extracurricular activities/sports due to the necessary schedule and possible conflicts.  While we try to accomodate the needs of our dancers as best as possible, it is only fair to their peers to require attendance from everyone.