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About Dance Images


Dance Images is the preferred school of dance in the Tinley Park area and has instructed students from toddlers into flourishing young adults for almost 25 years.  With an impeccable record for excellence, Ms. Diane King, the Artistic Director, has cultivated a dance community built on one simple, succinct core:  Dance Images is a learning institution where the art of dance takes on a complementary role to a child's development.  Ms. King realizes that a commitment to dance technique and training can facilitate personal growth in many areas.  As a result, classes are specifically designed with age appropriate, dance related learning activities.

The benefits of dance training are multiple.  They include enhanced coordination, motor skills, and agility to achieve better posture and improve overall fitness.  The discipline of dance also helps to refine concentration skills resulting in stronger memorization capability and better study habits.  Dance students are known to have improved goal setting and prioritizing skills.  This setting also helps to build teamwork, and encourages the student to set goals resulting in a boost of confidence, and increased self-esteem.

Dance Images is not a typical studio.  Its foundation is a compilation of Ms. King’s philosophy after many years in the dance field.  The center of this foundation is the children.  Every class is developed to facilitate each child’s growth as a dancer, mentally and physically.  Ms. King firmly believes ballet is the center from which all other dance evolves.  This studio is one of few that has specialized instructors who manage and coordinate as a team to bring our students quality instruction.  Each teacher strives to afford the individual student the best training opportunity.  

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