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Dance Means Fun... at any age.

Our Recreational Programs

Ages 6-7
School age children from 6-7 are introduced to Ballet, Tap, and Jazz during a 75-minute weekly class.  Age appropriate movement and music is used to further enhance the youngster’s knowledge of the discipline of dance, while adding to his or her self esteem and confidence.  The content of this unique combination class includes ballet all school year, with tap taught the first three months, jazz the next three, and a combination dance choreographed for the concert.  Students in this class also perform a ballet piece during our show. REGISTER NOW

Ages 8 and up
All our dancers age 8 and up, including teens, are required to study a weekly ballet class, and are welcome to add jazz/tap, poms, and hip hop to their curriculum.  The ballet and jazz/tap classes are age appropriate.  Any student taking both ballet and the jazz/tap class may take the Poms Class for an additional $15 per month instead of the normal tuition rate.  REGISTER NOW

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