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Ages 3-5

For preschoolers and kindergartens, a one hour weekly class includes ballet fundamentals throughout the school year, with an emphasis on jazz in the fall, creative movement through the holidays and early winter, and rhythmic concepts as they relate to tap dancing in the spring.  In addition, choreography for our annual concert is presented after March 1, and rehearsed along with our regular class content.  Each young dancer has a “Big Girlfriend” who performs behind her on the stage, offering added security while on the “big stage”.  The fundamentals presented in these classes are based on fine and gross motor activities, as well as spatial awareness, musicality, and pre-reading skills.  Self-discipline and socialization are also introduced.


Ages 5-6

School age children from 6-7 are introduced to Ballet, Tap, and Jazz during a 60-minute weekly class.  Age appropriate movement and music is used to further enhance the youngster’s knowledge of the discipline of dance, while adding to his or her self esteem and confidence.  The content of this unique combination class includes ballet all school year, with tap taught the first three months, jazz the next three, and a combination dance choreographed for the concert.  Students in this class also perform a ballet piece during our show. REGISTER NOW

Come Move with Me!

Come Move with Me classes are available to students who are 18 months of age to 3 years, along with an accompanying adult who would love to dance with them!  The use of props along with children’s songs encourages fine motor coordination and gross motor skills while offering a fun experience for all. REGISTER NOW

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