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Christa McAuliffe School Gymnasium
Wednesday, May 30th
*Please note- This is NOT the order of the show*
Please be prepared to stay 45 minutes after your last 'call time'.
4:20pm Tea Party for Little Red
4:35pm The Nuts Revolt
4:50pm Alice's Friend, the Queen
5:05pm Foggy Crystal Ball
5:20pm Jack Be Clumsy
5:35pm Rapunzel Gets a Haircut
5:55pm Mary Potter
6:10pm Malificent's Board
6:25pm Cinderella's Glass Sneaker
6:40pm The Little MerGIRL
6:55pm Sleeping Beauty Insomnia
7:05pm Tooth Fairy Leaves a Smile
7:20pm Gretel Has a GPS
7:30pm The Sabre & The Stone
7:50pm Little Miss Muffet
7:50pm Spider Friends
8:10pm Humpty Dumpty's Crack
8:20pm Princess & The PeaNUT
8:35pm Three Blind Owls
8:45pm Rumplestilskin
9:00pm Aladdin & His Carpet Sample
9:10pm Snow White's Dream
9:20pm Opening Number
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