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CK PHOTO will once again be taking portrait & group pictures at the dance studio on Monday, June 15 and Tuesday, June 16. The schedule for these days is below. It is not necessary to purchase a picture, however, we would like a record of all show participants in our group photos. Families will have the opportunity to purchase a full resolution digital file, which will include both the individual portrait, and the group picture (siblings are welcome to take pictures together). Dancers will receive a viewing access password for each photo taken on that day. Each costume requires a separate envelope/order form; be sure to label all costume pieces and shoes. The cost of this service is $20 per portrait, payable by check to CK PHOTO, or cash. The photographer will also offer the option of purchasing actual prints for an additional cost.

MONDAY, JUNE 14 3:00 pm

Swing Set 3:00 pm
Waltz of the Flowers 3:15 pm
Playing in the Puddles 3:30 pm
Wall Street 3:45 pm
Garden Flowers 4:00 pm
Campers 4:15 pm
Let's Go Fly a Kite 4:30 pm
Sunshine 4:45 pm
Penny Lane 5:00 pm
Hot Air Balloon 5:15 pm
Buckingham Parkway 5:30 pm
Let's Make a Bonfire! 5:45 pm
Lightening Bugs (Intensive I) 6:00 pm
 Picnic Pests 6:15 pm
Road Trip, aka Walk the Dog (Intensive I) 6:30 pm
Water Lilies 6:45 pm
Picnic Basket 7:00 pm
Ice Cream Truck (Intro. and Intensive I) 7:15 pm

TUESDAY, JUNE 15 2:00 pm

It’s Getting Windy 2:00 pm
Forest Fairies 2:15 pm
Lightning Bugs (Intensive II) 2:30 pm
Rodeo Drive 2:45 pm
Road Trip, aka Dog Walk (Intensive II) 3:00 pm
Nighttime at the Campsite (Intensive III) 3:15 pm
Deep in the Forest 3:30 pm
Dive in the Pool 3:45 pm
Ice Cream Truck (Intensive II) 4:00 pm
Block Party 4:15 pm
Bird Watching 4:30 pm
Maple Trees 4:45 pm
Nighttime at the Campsite (Intensive II) 5:00 pm
Picnic Games 5:15 pm
Buzzing Bees 5:30 pm
Spiders 5:45 pm
Here Comes the Rain! 6:00 pm
Stargazers 6:15 pm
Babbling Brook 6:30 pm
Champs Elysses 6:45 pm

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