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General Recital Information



The performers will be asked to arrive at the

theater in costume and makeup one hour &

fifteen minutes before show time to rehearse the

finale before the first show (10:45a.m), and 30

minutes before the second show (4:30p.m).

Dancers will be dropped off at the Student

Entrance adjacent to the theater, & escorted by

the backstage parent to designated waiting

areas. Following the performances, you will be

able to collect your dancer at pre-determined

exits. Please consult your class coordinator for

these procedures.

All Intensive Study Dancers are required to

take class onstage at 9:30a.m.

Classes not involved in the finale rehearsal, but

certainly invited to participate in our ending bow

include: Bakers, Nurses, and Makeup Artists.


Our show will be videotaped, once again, by Mr. Andy

Morin. An order form is attached to our newsletter.


The video is $30 each, and copies will be available later

during our Summer Session. Mr. Morin is a Volunteer

Dad who does a remarkable job producing a video that

will be a wonderful keepsake for a dancer’s family.


If you wish to personally videotape your student’s

dance, it will only be permitted during dress

rehearsal, as we want all our patrons to enjoy the

performance, including the dancers and those

seated near you. WE THANK YOU, IN ADVANCE,


designated area for this purpose at the rehearsal.



Please understand, because of security

reasons, absolutely no one will be allowed

backstage during the performances & no

student will be permitted to leave before the finale. If extraordinary circumstances arise & your student must leave before the end of our performance, a special permission note must be presented to Ms. King prior to the

show dates.

This rule will be strictly enforced, & we would appreciate all parents treating our backstage volunteers with




We ask that any family new to DANCE IMAGES attend one of the two meetings-held on Friday, April 6th at 7:00pm and Saturday, April 7th at 10:30am. All other families are welcome to attend, as a packet with rehearsal schedules, ticketing, photo and video information will be distributed. Families are required to sign for the documents. Your initials on the sign-in sheet

for this meeting will signify that you

recognize this rule, & will be shown to

anyone wishing to take a student out of our theater early without the appropriate

permission slip.


Ballet pink tights (unless different for dance) & pink slippers. Ties must be tied and tucked in or cut. Jazz and tap shoe ties should be double knotted. Camisole body liners are required for all non-intensive students that must change costumes. Hair must be in a high bun, with no part. Bangs must be slicked back, hairnets and donuts are encouraged. 

*Undergarments should not be worn as it distracts from the costume*

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