May 27 and 29

(Photography to be done by CK PHOTO)

Each costume requires a separate order form.

Siblings are welcome to take pictures together.

If the student has more than one costume to be

photographed, she should wear her first outfit, & carry the other(s), including accessories & shoes clearly labeled, on a hangar.


This is also the procedure to follow the days of the shows.


If you are unable to attend please notify your class coordinator.

Sunday, May 27
1:00pm Gretel has a GPS

1:15pm The Nuts Revolt

1:30pm A Tea Party for Little Red Riding Hood

1:45pm Alice's Best Friend, The Queen

2:00pm Little Miss Muffet's Many Friends

2:15pm The Little MerGirl

2:30pm Jack Be Clumsy

2:45pm Rumplestilskin, What Gold?

3:00pm Sleeping Beauty Has Insomnia

3:15pm Maleficent Holds a Board Meeting

3:30pm The Sabre and the Stone

3:45pm Little Miss Muffet

4:00pm Humpty Dumpty's Wacky Crack

4:15pm Mary Potter

4:30pm Snow White's Dream

4:45pm Three Blind Owls

5:00pm Rapunzel Gets a Haircut

5:15pm The Princess and the PeaNUT

5:30pm Cinderella's Clean-up Crew

5:45pm Aladdin and His Flying Carpet Sample

6:00pm Graduates

6:15pm Opening Number (Individual Portraits Only)

Tuesday, May 29

4:15pm Alice in Little Red Riding Hoodland

4:30pm Peter Pan meets Captain Jack

4:45pm Father Goose

5:00pm Leaping Beauty

5:15pm The Wheels of Oz

5:30pm Fairy Tails

5:45pm The Wolf Who Cried Boy

6:00pm Billy Gruf's Cheeseburger

6:15pm GoldiLUKE and the Twelve Bears

6:30pm Snow White's Giants
7:00pm The Frog Princess

7:15 The Foggy Crystal Ball

7:30pm The Five Little Pigs Meet the Wolf

7:45pm The Lovely Duckling

8:00pm Cinderella and Her Glass Sneaker