2018 Competition Info to come soon!

Our Competition Team:  EDIT 2017


Ages 6-8:(Company 1) 3rd place for Lets Go Crazy


Ages 9-11 (Company 2) Dear Future Husband group dance got 1st

Ashley's solo, Happy Feet, 2nd

Curley Shuffle (tap trio) ,1st place 

Delaney's solo Can't Help Falling in Love, 2nd place 

Every Heart (group dance) got 3rd


Ages 12-14 (company 3 & some company 4) 

My One & Only (comp 4 trio) , 1st  

Glam (company 3 group) ,3rd 

Allie Dempseys solo Hit That Jive, 1st 

Me & My Shadow (comp 3 tap duo) , 2nd 

Get Happy (comp 3 tap duo) ,1st  

What You Don't Know About Women (comp 4 tap duo) , 1st 

Madyson Paleniks solo Often a Bird ,1st 

Maddie Monahans solo Steady State ,2nd 

Hallelujah (comp 3 trio) , 1st, 

Tina's solo The Way We Were , 1st  

Hold my Hand (comp 3 trio) ,1st  

Ella's solo Little Me ,1st  

In the Navy (tap group comp 2 & 3) ,3rd


Tina's solo , 1st place (highest score) out of ALL the 12-14 age group dances.


Ages 15-17 

Kate's solo Forget Me , honorable mention

Bodyworld (comp 4 group) ,2nd 

Kate's solo Love in Slow Motion ,1st 

Beckys solo Wishful Thinking , 3rd 


Ages 18 & up  

Bobbys solo City of Lights , 1st 

Becky & Bobbys duo ,1st

Courage (company 4 group) , 1st

My Tears Are Becoming a Sea (company 4 group) , 3rd


Out of all the 18& up dances: overall highest scores

3rd- Becky & Bobby duo

2nd- Courage

1st- Bobbys solo


Also was awarded "Best Musicality" out of the entire competition for Madysons solo Often a Bird