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Classes for 6th - 12 Grade

Somewhere around the 6th grade is when the talent and opportunity all fall into place for young dancers.  We understand that as children grow they gravitate towards activities that they enjoy.  Our program offers the flexibility most other programs don't.


A dancer can decide at this level how much commitment she/he is willing to invest.  We offer a recreational course, intensive and competition level training.  This allows everyone to enjoy the art of dance, while fitting comfortably into their busy schedule.


We also offer flexible attendance during the months of August through December.  This means that while a child is scheduled for a class on Tuesday night, if for some reason they cannot attend, they can switch temporarily to another class of same or lower level.  This option is not typically allowed between January and May - due to preparations for the recital.


*Note - Our competition dancers must be enrolled in an intensive program.

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